Health and Fitness Group International

Site Design
Program Design

The success of
  the facility and
  optimal guest
  depend on

We assist Owners/Investors in making sound business decisions by responding to their service/design requirements and providing them with critical functional and program analysis.

Programming and planning new facilities or upgrading existing ones entails the use of well-established procedures to maximize results.

Feasibility Studies
A thorough evaluation of proposed ventures is critical in ensuring their viability. HFG's process includes:
Client needs research
Market evaluation
Competitive analysis
Demographic and opportunity study
Space analysis
Target group analysis
Determination of highest and best use
Funding sources evaluation
CF projections and budgets
Creation of strategic project objectives
Anticipation of future market trends and relating them
   to strategies

Concept Development
Successful facilities cannot exist without a vision and a distinct business identity. HFG achieves this by developing:
Beauty and health concept / visions
Functional and emotional concepts
Corporate identity and project philosophy
Menu and program recommendations
Service and program packages
Program delivery system
Facility programming
Income source strategies
Membership potential analysis 

Facility Planning
Guests expect wellness facilities to provide an opportunity for relaxation, reflection and revitalization. The operator looks for maximum functionality in a facility.  To meet both expectations, HFG offers comprehensive facility planning services:
Site plan evaluation
Recommendations on room function, size, number, location and
   technical requirements
Analysis and planning of traffic flow patterns
Collaboration with architects and general contractors to
   secure optimal space functionality
FF&E specification
Interior design input on finishes and signage

Equipment and Product Selection
Knowing our clients enables HFG to recommend products and equipment best suited to individual programs and services (we do not accept referral fees from manufacturers).  HFG's equipment and product selection process includes:
Product and equipment research and comparison including
   analysis of compatibility with facility software
Identifying the most reliable, service-oriented vendors
Offering professional product line recommendations
Determining retail potential
Providing equipment specification (number, price)

Operations & Management
The success of the facility and optimal guest satisfaction depend on effective operational tools.  HFG's expert team provides those tools by:

Developing operations manuals and procedures for
   each department
Writing job descriptions
Preparing staffing forecasts and schedules
Building staff training and development programs
Formulating staff performance evaluation and compensation
Establishing hours of operations
Developing information packages for clients and members
Designing member survey forms
Assisting in creation of marketing strategies as well as
   brochures and other promotional and advertising materials
Organizing and coordinating facility openings including special
   events for key target groups (clients, members, VIPs, journalists)



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